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Company Introduction

Shanghai Basewin Technology Co.,Ltd. ( "Basewin") is co-founded by the industry senior investors and the earliest smart terminal R & D team in January 2010.


Basewin,the leading solution provider of enterprise applications,has rich experience in the Qualcomm's high end platforms and the mobile operating system of Android&Windows for its many years of technology accumulation.Now,Basewin can serves high end and differentiated smartphone technology solutions for consumptive customers,for instance,Phone and Pad.Meanwhile,Basewin can meet the industrial customers' needs in pubic affairs,smart POS,data collection and so on.On the basis of specific requirements for industry applications,such as,QChat intercom, 1D/2D read-write, RFID read-write, NFC,POS payment,2nd-generation ID card,.etc,Basewin has successfully marketed smart terminals in public safety, finance, logistics, transportation, petrochemical, tobacco and other industries.


Basewin,an important partner of Qualcomm in the greater China region, has successfully launched APQ8064 technology solution to Qualcomm quad-core platform at the end of 2012.

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